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ICA Games
Practice pool skills and have fun!

ICA Games 1 is an exciting and fun set of game modules for your ICATS!  While these are called "games", each one takes certain pool skills to be successful.  Games 1 is included free with your ICATS.

Containing eight games, you will practice your pool skills and have fun doing so.  Several of these games can be handicapped to give all players, of all skill levels, a fighting chance.  A short description of each game, along with any associated material (instructions, scoresheets, etc.) is below:

4t5 - 4t5 ("fourty-five") is an innovative game courtesy of Vic Conte.  The original version of 4t5 is a 9-ball runout pattern, counting points based on each balls value for a total of 45 points per inning.  Two more difficult skill level variations, with additional blocker/point balls, are also included.  The advanced game is very challenging with a strong focus on rail shots.  Instructions are included as a drill, and 4t5 scoresheets (XLSX, Google Sheets) are available.   

Darts - Practice your shot making, along with precise leaves, to land the cue ball on the dartboard for maximum scores!  Play your favorite dart games, such as 301, 501, and Cricket.  Additional materials include Instructions and a Scoresheet.

ICA Golf -  9 holes each of Novice (par 3) and Intermediate/Advanced ("full length" course) are provided. Great Tee shots (breaks) and fairway shots (Pattern Play) are keys to success in ICA Golf.  For additional challenge, "tough pin positions" can be simulated by limiting the available pockets (e.g. "corners only", "sides only", etc.).  An ICA Golf scoresheet is provided.

ICATS Bingo - Pocket your shot and "draw" a bingo ball, based on the resulting Cue Ball position.  All players then mark their scorecard.  Be the first to get 5 in a row, column or diagonally to win!  And be accurate, so you don't miss your desired bingo ball "draw" and give an opponent the win! Instructions are included as a drill and score using the convenient Bingo Card, or generate your own bingo cards with the Excel Spreadsheet.

Kick Soccer - Practice your kicking skills and work on your safety game with Kick Soccer!  Kick at the object ball and score points for successfully putting the object ball in your opponents goal (one end-rail), or by leaving a "defender" cue ball in your goal (opposite end-rail).  Kick Soccer Rules are provided.

Shuffle Pool - 20 Shuffleboard layouts are included.  Make the indicated shot and score by leaving your cue ball on the target, bumping your opponents shot out-of-the-way if you can!  A Shuffle Pool template (.drl file) is included to make additional layouts if desired.  Rules and scoresheet are provided.

Cards - A grid of 54 "cards" is placed on the table, with the usual 13 cards in 4 suits plus 2 "jokers".  Select cards for your hand by the resulting cue ball position after pocketing the ball.  Amaze your friends when you make that incredible shot that fills out your inside straight and wins the pot!  Basic game instructions are included as a drill.

Sea Battle - An exciting two player game where each player attempts to sink the other player's ships by knocking balls placed on the ships, called ship balls, outside of the ball placement circle. A ship is sunk when it has no more ship balls inside the ball placement circles within the ship graphic. The first player to sink all their opponent’s ships, wins.

Football - Another exciting two player game that simulates a football game. Yardage is gained or lost based on the player pocketing random shots and where the cue ball lands. There are many of the same aspects as real football. You can gain yards or loose them. There are touchdown shots as well as turnovers and safeties. Ruling the field is based entirely on your masterful skills.

Targeted Position Play - This layout, with 7 target positions, can be used in many different game play modes.  Some examples are:


  • HORSE - using targets in sequence, make the shot for and land the cue ball on T1, counting the number of attempts until success.  Then opponents try the shot.  If your score count is less than opponents, they get an "H".  Then move to T2, etc. until someone gets to HORSE.

  • "Min shots" - press 'r' to generate a random cue/object layout and pick a number of targets, say T1-T3.  Player 1 attempts the shot and leave on T1, recording the number of attempts until success, then proceeds to T2 and T3.  Player 2 then takes their turn.  The player with the "min shots" for all targets wins that inning.

  • Personal Training - press 'r' to generate a random cue/object layout.  Shoot the shot using each target in sequence, until you have success with all 7 targets.  This will teach you speed and spin for transitions to get the cue ball to key places on the table​

Bonus - Finally, there is also a 32 numbered grid template allowing you to invent games limited only by your imagination!

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