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The Gnarly 90 - This module contains 90 position drills that work on all aspects of position play, develop run out planning skills, and require excellent cue ball control (speed/spin) skills for success. Each of the three sub-folders contain 30 drills with three difficulty levels. Level D1 (Basic) is relatively easy, with fewer balls on the table and more room to maneuver for the next shot. Level D2 (intermediate) increases the "gnarliness" with more balls and challenging layouts similar to full table 8/9/10 ball run outs. Finally, Level D3 (advanced) provides the "gnarliest" drills, with more balls, more "traffic" to maneuver through, and significantly increased difficulty. Each drill can be played in either "Open" (shoot any ball) or "Rotation" (shoot balls in sequence) mode. For a truly Gnarly challenge, see if you can complete each one of "The Gnarly 90" drills, in Rotation mode, at least once!

The Gnarly 90

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